Pylons will be the fastest, easiest way to launch a massive NFT product with minimal transaction fees

Tendermint Ventures is thrilled to announce that we are incubating Pylons as our flagship NFT chain for the Cosmos ecosystem. Pylons CEO Michael Sofaer will join Tendermint as Director of NFTs as part of the move.

NFTs are exploding right now, with a $421M market cap in Q1 2021. …

We are investing $20m in the next wave of critical infrastructure for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Today, we are announcing Tendermint Ventures, a $20m fund through which we will invest in valuable projects building with Cosmos and driving the expansion of the Cosmos ecosystem. The Cosmos ecosystem is made up of 200+ blockchains with a shared market cap of $60 billion. Tendermint Ventures will plant the seeds for the next 200 application-specific blockchains to join Cosmos’ decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable chains.

Tendermint Ventures has been months in the making. The success of the Stargate upgrade delivered the Cosmos…

Tendermint invests in framework that provides developers the tools to build secure and robust DeFi products

We are happy to announce a strategic investment in Tgrade, a blockchain framework focused on regulated decentralised finance (DeFi). Developed by Confio, the team behind CosmWasm, a secure interoperable smart contract engine, Tgrade is a solid foundation for developers to deploy DeFi products, such as pegs and automated market makers, using the robust CosmWasm engine.

By creating highly secure, developer-friendly tooling for the next generation of multi-blockchain applications, including robust self-governance, Confio’s long-term mission with the development of Tgrade is to develop new financial…

Jin Kwon

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